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Elegant crochet and knitting patterns for yarn lovers that like good, tech edited patterns

Strata crocheted Cardigan in oatmeal work on model in front of dark green door.
Back of Bumble Shawl crocheted with honeycomb motifs worn over a mustard coat at the beach.
Close up of Aloe textured socks in two coloured dip stitches.
Aloe Hat on head showing two coloured dip stitches in pinks, creams and blues.
Fay up close wearing Positivity Spiral crocheted jumper on a hillside.
This is me, Fay, on a hillside, wearing crochet and being eaten ALIVE by midges!

10 years of pattern writing and yarn obsession

I adore working with wool to design crochet and knitwear. I also love sharing my knowledge and the little paths that my inquisitive brain takes me down.

If you poke around my website, you will find blog posts, photo and video tutorials and my patterns. All there to help you in the pursuit of more hours spent crafting!